Passion over embarrassment.

This blog is going to focus one thing I am truly passionate about.


I have been in love with horses since I can remember, around the age of 5 or even younger. This Love, and borderline obsession started when I sat on a pony for the first time at some type of fair. I look back and realize that day a lightbulb went off in me internally and horses will forever be a part of my life. In elementary school I was very proud of my equestrian endeavors. I would come to school with my ribbons from the horse show over the weekend and gladly show my class what my horse heart and I had won. My classmates ate it up.


Middle school came and I was riding a lot, I was still just as proud and I had all of my friends coming over on the weekends so I could “train” them. I spent so many days in a field with my horses and my friends, I look back now and realize how much trouble we stayed out of thanks to horses.

High school was a hard time for me. I went to a different school that most of my friends and I just hated school. I was pretty unhappy to be completely honest. Horses were still in my life and I had an amazing trainer who will forever be influential in my riding. I was finally getting a chance to show at rated horse shows, and be a working student. I posted a lot on social media about horses. I don’t want to use the word bullied but I was taunted constantly about my love for horses. It made me very self conscious about the one thing I felt like I was slightly talented at in life. I could never figure out why loving animals was such a “weird” thing. I have been called names involving horses more times than I care to count. I was asked if I was joining “Kappa kappa horsey” when I went to college. I can admit that was a good one. I am here to admit it got really embarrassing. Everyone gets remembered for something and well, I will always be horse girl. But I am also here to say 21 year old me is okay with that. I am still the horse girl, and I am so lucky to have horses in my life as an adult. So no I never put riding on the back burner so I could be cool, I watched so many people quit things they love in high school. Passion is important and we need more of it in this world. What you love matters, whatever it may be.

407185_373833289295044_1529617988_n Life hit me hard after high school. My parents got a divorce. A hard divorce. Riding was put on the back burner, I was riding on and off. I can look back on this time in my life and really be thankful for what I had. As an adult and continuing my education I have found horses are hard to keep in college if you are not in the perfect circumstance. There are never enough hours in the day or days in the week. I am currently not riding but horses are still it, horses are my everything. I own two horses that I am leasing out and life is good in many ways. I am learning to be grateful.

I am also learning that life is hard, it can be so damn hard. I envy every adult that rides. Poor riders, rich riders, sure some people have the money but this sport is still hard I don’t care if the horse jumps from anywhere and gets its own changes It takes passion to make time for horses, to pay for horses, to love very expensive animals who sometimes act like jackass’s. This sport is so hard at times and us “weird horse girls” and guys,  may catch a lot of shit talk and riding jokes…. but this sport takes guts and a lot of passion. Remember to support each other.

So let me leave you with a quote and a lot of love.

“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there’s love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” —Ella Fitzgerald

xoxo horse girl



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