New year new….

Let’s break all the stereotypes and exchange new year new me with something like new year new attitude,new outlook on life, new self awareness…

New Years resolutions normally come and go pretty quick. New year new me isn’t actually such a bad statement, though I see a lot of mockery in it. The way I feel is I don’t even care if you do or don’t keep your New Years resolutions it’s the fact you see where you can improve so at least you are trying to make positive changes. 

We have to notice issues in ourselves to fix them. I’m sure we all know a few people who think they have nothing they need to change or even work on to be a better version of themselves. This isn’t a good quality, anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

Do better.

We can all be a better person this year. 2017 is a fresh slate but you have to remember everyday you wake up is a fresh start. Do not take time for granted…Every single day we make decisions that either put us closer or further away from our goals. So stop digging holes and feeling like someone else put you down there. Accountability will change your life. You can either use your struggles to motivate you or live in a constant state of self pity and negativity. One is harder. One is worth it.

 I pulled myself out of a deep dark hole of depression and self pity over things I couldn’t change. My bad attitude and dk g mad at the world only maximized my struggles… As soon as you can get real with yourself and realize your own piss poor attitude is holding you back you can start really working on yourself and move forward. I needed to add that this isn’t one of those disputes about depression. I think everyone with depression needs to find a way to get better. We all deserve that, and we deserve to not be looked down for it either. But at some point we have to help ourself, I say that with love and life experience. 

Change = growth 

This means we have to stop living in toxic cycles. Our thoughts create our reality. And if you’re a person with a negative outlook on life that statement probably makes you upset or even cringe. 

I’ve found a new sense of peace and inner happiness, and it’s from opening my mind and listening to my inner self and deciding to be happy. I hope everyone can find this, maybe not now but sometime in your life I hope you figure out that you are  the key to your own life and happiness is a choice not a place. Maybe we don’t have to figure everything out right now to be happy…

What I’ve learned is that self awareness is important and will help you grow as a person. When I get upset I have to ask myself why? Am I reactive from this situation or am I reacting from an explosion of feelings that I haven’t dealt with properly. I can work on this… and odds are you probably can too.

Having a new and fresh outlook on life is a beautiful thing. It took a series of unfortunate events and even losing a close loved one for me to truly value life. So I’m telling you don’t wait to lose someone to understand how valuable time is. Having a positive outlook takes work. Our world is far from perfect but your perspective is everything. 

New year new ____? 

You decide and make it an amazing year. 

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