Welcoming 2017 with 17 positive changes. 

Take care of you. 

I’m going to start off with my overall goal for 2017 and that’s to take better care of myself. I mean this mentally, physically, and spiritually. So many of us truly need to take better care of ourselves. My problem personally is I focus on one thing and forget about the others. This year I’m going to do better about dividing my energy and focus. 

 Stop letting the opinions of others pull you down.

I am truly hypersensitive. It has its pros and cons but the opinions of others have always really really sat on my shoulder longer than they should. Specifically people my age. I’ve always been the “girl who’d be really pretty if she lost some weight.” Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter. Opinions of people who don’t know you on a personal level do not fucking matter. Holding on has always been a problem of mine but that’s changing this year. 

  Be more confident 

Own every room you walk into. Spew good energy and positivity. Accept your flaws and love yourself anyway. Confidence is free, take it and use it.
Stop giving up on yourself 

I’ve struggled my my weight my whole life. The obesity gene absolutely runs in my family. It’s not an excuse but we can’t say genetics don’t help or hurt us to some extent. That aside I have to do better. I have to stop going to the gym and giving up and month later because I get so damn disgusted that Becky eats McDonald’s twice a day and is 100 pounds. See comparison leaves us bitter, and I refuse to do it this year. All I want is improvement in myself and that’s what I am going to strive for. 
Spend time with the people you love  
This year I learned the hard way that people don’t live forever. Time is the most valuable thing in this life use it wisely. Stop putting off going to see your grandparents, just go by. Your little cousins might not always show it but they think the world of you, go see them. If you don’t live at home go see your parents every chance you get. Life can be such a rat race at time we forget who, and what is really important. 

End negative friendships 

I feel like we all have that one friend who is toxic. Everything is about them…. they will make everyone miserable if things don’t go their way. But you’ve always been there for them…. even though they make you feel bad about things you can’t change on a regular basis… end it. I’m going to practice what I preach. My life doesn’t have room for friends who aren’t genuine. I soak up the energy of the people around me, bad energy isn’t an option this year. 

Read more 

There’s so much to learn in this lifetime. Over this past year I haven’t had tv, I mean I have a tv but no cable or satellite. After a year without I don’t know how people even watch tv longer than an hour…. I hate it. Read, learn something. Books are becoming so underrated. Read about things that interest you, and maybe something new. 


Don’t be afraid to share what you create. 

I’ve never done well with criticism. Because I care so much about what people think. This blog has helped me come out of my shell a little and given me a little confidence. I love writing and I love sharing it. But I found myself extremely nervous and hesitant to share my blog on my Facebook or instagram… why? Because all I could think of was someone I know making fun of me. I’m done being too shy to put my work out. If you create something and you think it’s beautiful, share it. Share it more than once, let the world see your work. This work need more genuine art. Writing, painting, modeling, don’t be afraid to share your passion. 

Stop fighting unnecessary battles.

I mean stop fighting with people on Facebook or twitter. You will not change people’s minds about an issue in the comments section. We change people’s minds with behavior. Use your voice in real life, and maybe a little less on the internet. 

Eat better 

I’m definitely talking or yelling… at myself on this one. I’m a picky eater, always have been. This makes eating healthy a little harder for me. I could literally eat pizza everyday and be happy. I have to do better, and according to stats most people in America can to. So I’m suggesting trying new things. This year is going to be full of new things, and I think learning to cook is a good one. 

 Keep your heart happy 
That hobby that you love but don’t have time for…. make time for it. Keeping our heart happy is something that we don’t take the time to do. If you don’t have a hobby find one. 

Acknowledging and accepting flaws 

2016 was rough. I lost and gained a lot of weight this year. I have an issue with seeing my weight gain and loss for what it is because I ignore it. Some days I don’t look in the mirror, because I just can’t make myself. 


I’m tired of holding grudges and I’m done doing it. We can forgive people but refuse to let them treat us poorly again. 
 Be honest with yourself 

Be realistic and be honest with YOU. 

Maybe your awesome relationship isn’t that awesome anymore… maybe you just thought it was awesome, be honest with yourself and honest with others. Don’t lead yourself on. I see this so often in younger women, because love is blind right? Open your eyes for what is real, and do not confuse what could be for that truly is.


Clean up your social media 

All the negative posts? They have to go and you have to stop making them. The people who truly care about you know when something is wrong and people on Facebook are more likely to use it against you than to genuinely care. Just being honest. Also on personal accounts…. delete everyone you wouldn’t speak to in real life. Adults don’t add people they don’t know on Facebook. Also why are we friends with people we don’t like…STOP. 

Go outside 

Even if you just sit… go outside and soak it all in. We could all use more time to just be still and listen. Listen to the birds listen to the wind. Watch birds fly, but just think…. or don’t think at all. Just enjoy this world, the more I see the more beautiful it becomes. 

Stop sleeping your life away 

When I was struggling with depression all I did was sleep. It was my drug, my safe haven. As I’ve gotten better I’ve seen how destructive isolation and constant sleep is. You miss out on life. Life is too valuable to sleep all damn day. Do I like the occasional nap? You bet. But when all you want to do is sleep something is wrong. And that’s okay as long as you know you have to do better. 

So get up and go do something bad ass this year. You can overcome any obstacle as long as you BELIVE you can. Visualize your goals. Write them down! Make a vision board. Follow through. I hope 2017 brings nothing but good things and happiness to you. 

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