Off track and ok.

I am finding things that set my soul on fire.


Tarot cards ✨

"The most powerful sources of information come from within; the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one's Higher Self.

Facing failure

I've been called a perfectionist many many  times in my life. Particularly by one my horse riding instructors. I wanted to be perfect, so often I couldn't see how good I was actually doing or how talented I was for my age.  I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately. Soul searching if you... Continue Reading →

Buying cruelty free at tjmax! 

I love tjmax. I really do, so much variety, so many clearance items. But now I have even more of an excuse to venture in my favorite money spending location... they have a great selection of vegan and cruelty free products and snacks. If you've read my previous blog you know I'm on a new... Continue Reading →

Promote what you love 

Over the past few months I've been going on a new journey and taking on a new challenge in my life.... going vegetarian, and overall living a more mindful life. The goal is to be completely meat free and even vegan in the future.  This is personally challenging and a less that easy process for... Continue Reading →

New year new….

Let's break all the stereotypes and exchange new year new me with something like new year new attitude,new outlook on life, new self awareness... New Years resolutions normally come and go pretty quick. New year new me isn't actually such a bad statement, though I see a lot of mockery in it. The way I... Continue Reading →

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